Hiking and rafting around the Loket Castle + Karlovy Vary

We would like to invite you to join us for a trip in the western part of Bohemia. This trip will be a bit special, because in only two days you will experience sightseeing, hiking and canoeing.

What can you expect?

We will take you to a beautiful city of Karlovy Vary, where you can enjoy the real atmosphere of a spa town. You will see the unique architecture of this city with many historical buildings and colonnades and you can also taste hot mineral springs.

The trip will continue in the afternoon as we will walk by the Ohře river through the Slavkov Forest. During the walk we will see the monumental natural granite rock town, the Svatoš rocks.

The end of the first day we will spend in a historical town of Loket, that is dominated by Loket Romanesque castle from the early 13th century. The town itself is beautiful, but to get a full experience of this town, we recommend you to visit the castle, where you can choose a guided tour. It’s up to you… 🙂

 The second day of this trip will start with packing and a little warm up. There will be about 14 kilometres of canoeing ahead of us. We will flow down the Ohře river from Loket back to Karlovy Vary. We will enjoy a view on the Ohře river valley from another perspective.  In the afternoon we will reach Karlovy Vary and from there we will return back to Prague.

Our experienced guide will be with you for the whole trip and will give you information about Czech history, local nature and about hiking and canoeing in the Czech Republic.

During the second part of this trip you will also have a chance to experience a little bit of wild life as you will sleep in a tent overnight. You will try meals from small local pubs.