Hiking and history of Theresienstadt concentration camp

Active events offer you an intensive experience within very interesting two days trip to the Northern Bohemia, where hiking meets history.

You will visit places closely connected with a dark period of European past – The Second World War. Afterwards you will have the oppurtunity to hike up the highest mountain in Prague‘s surroundings and the highest vulcanic mountain in Czech Republic – Milešovka. The grand finale will be the Hazmburk castle, the place covered in myths.


Day 1

  • 7:30 Meeting at the parking lot near Letnany metro station
  • 8:00 Departure to the North
  • 9:00 – Visit of the Terezin fort, whitch was founded in 1780 by Joseph II. The most famous (and sad) part of Terezin’s history took place during the WWII, when there was a big infamous Gestapo prison in Terezin. There are many possibilities what to visit in Terezin, f.e. Magdeburg Barracks, crematory, Museum of Terezin’s Ghetto or 9 permanent expositions.
  • The accomodation with dinner and of course with rich breakfast will be prepared for you nearby.

Day 2

  • After breakfast we will move to the foot of the Milesovka mountain. The trip up to the top takes about 90 minutes and during the „climbing“ J we will tell you some fun facts about Czech geography and a little bit from our history
  • On the top of Milesovka you can get tea, coffe or a glass of Czech tasty beer. You can also looking forward to great view of the Central Mountains
  • After we will come happilly and safely back down, we will have lunch in local restaurant.
  • Our last but not least stop will bet the Hazmburk castle that was founded in 1335. It is not very known, but you will definitely not regret seeing it. It is a beautiful place with amazing view and the hike up will surely be worthy.
  • In the afternoon we will return back to Prague